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WhereScape Testdrive

The Wherescape Testdrive will be held in Frankfurt's Klassikstadt on Thursday, February 1st, 2018. The Jack Brabham Suite, with its high ceilings, exposed bricks and glass windows overlooking the auto museum, will provide an interesting and informative venue for this interactive event.


The WhereScape Test Drive Event

WhereScape Test Drive Events with b.telligent give small groups of 30-40 people the chance to test WhereScape data automation software and learn how to create a data warehouse in just two hours. They help participants to achieve efficient, effective data warehouse processes and to actively embrace the opportunities that digitization has to offer.

In addition to the test of the data automation software from WhereScape, the subject of the EU GDPR plays a superficial role in this test drive. Simon Asplen-Taylor arrives with a keynote on the subject of data warehousing and how this needs to be upgraded for the EU GDPR requirements. Furthermore, a WhereScape senior architect shows how WhereScape automatically creates a full data lineage when connected to a data infrastructure. Then, a data architect and consultant explains why he chose WhereScape to consult a huge enterprise customer and how it revolutionised the way BI solutions were created. Last but not least, a change management expert describes what data automation for a household name organisations that  constantly needs to adapt to stay at the top in a brutal marketplace


Who is the WhereScape Test Drive for?

The WhereScape Test Drive is aimed at anyone interested in the latest trends in the field of DWH and automation with regard to the newly effective guidelines of the GDPR, and who would like to actively test and experience them.

Participants will gain practical insights and be able to discuss the feasibility of implementing an automated DWH system with experts from WhereScape and b.telligent. They will also gain valuable hands-on insights into WhereScape RED & WhereScape 3D. Both software solution organizations supply intelligent and fast workflows to help organizations optimize their BI decision support architecture incorporating the EU-GDPR guidelines.


Five reasons you should attend:

  • to reduce costs, increase speed, improve your capacity load situation
  • to learn about the benefits and development speeds of data warehouse automation software that is 10 times faster than traditional methods.
  • to gain valuable hands-on insights into WhereScape RED and 3D – the solution from the pioneers in data warehouse automation.
  • to discuss your thoughts and experiences with other data warehouse users and experts.
  • to discover how b.telligent can assist you in introducing WhereScape RED, 3D and support the new GDPR guidelines.


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09:00 Uhr: Registration

09:30 Uhr: openign Comments and Introduction

09:45 Uhr: GDPR Keynote - Simon Asplen-Taylor

10:30 Uhr: WhereScape GDPR demo

11:00 Uhr: Coffee Break

11:10 Uhr: Customer Case Study

11:40 Uhr: Customer Case Study

12:20 Uhr: Q&A Session

12:45 Uhr: Lunch

13:30 Uhr: Test Drive Hands-On Session

16:00 Uhr: Drinks and Car Museum Tour


WhereScape and b.telligent - a strong team

To enhance the agility and speed of BI projects while at the same time maximizing DWH process standardization, b.telligent relies on products from its partner WhereScape. WhereScape is a pioneer in software for data warehousing automation. It has helped organizations from all over the world to cut the cost and time needed to support and maintain their DWHs, to reduce the risk of errors, and ultimately to create business value from their BI infrastructure.  

Sign up now and you can look forward to an exciting event in Frankfurt. And remember – the number of participants is limited. First come, first served!

The Test Drive will take place in English.

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