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Webinar: The Digitalization of the point of sale


The Digitalization of Retailing and its Effects 

The entire customer interaction or the so-called customer journey is increasingly influenced by the digitalization of retailing. Customers are increasingly using modern technologies for shopping, which causes the boundaries between online and offline shopping to blur, resulting in a high degree of pressure on the point of sale. Retailers need to adapt to the transition and thus become omni-channel trading businesses. Due to this this transformation, customer data also becomes more and more important - from the data collection, the integration and analysis up to the use of the data.

Be there on 16.06.2016 from 11 am to 12 pm and let us show you how you are able to make the transformation into an omni-channel trading business and how to optimally use the collected data in our webinar "The Digitalization of the Point of Sale - Technologies and Data as Turbo for Retailing". 


Steps of Digitalization and Requirements on the Point of Sale

The customer journey is divided into four steps, which are at different stages towards the way to digitalization, depending on the industry. In the first step "search and consider", which includes the search for product information and, if necessary, product reservation, e.g. the consumer electronics industry is already highly represented. Customers inform themselves about products online and/or via mobile devices; however, they tend to purchase them in brick and mortar shops. In the second step "purchase and pay", the purchase and payment process is mapped. The third step "receive" is about the collection of the goods. In the fourth step "return or use", the goods are ultimately either taken into use or returned by the customer. An industry in which the purchasing behavior has already been strongly influenced by online purchases across all stages is the clothing industry. Thus, an important first question to be asked is to what extent a digitalization of the PoS makes sense in the respective industry. Is the digitalization of the PoS e.g. merely intended to facilitate information procurement and thus improve service and enhance customer loyalty, or are other steps to be digitalized as well? The development of a digital strategy thus is an important requirement. 


Harald Mösel - Your Specialist regarding the Topic Digitalization of the Point of Sale 

Harald Mösel is an expert for data driven marketing and has 15+ years of specialist and management experience in B2C customer relationship management from retailing and e-commerce, in particular in the areas omni-channel CRM architectures, CRM analytics, omni-channel customer dialogue, omni-channel traffic optimization and digitalization of the point of sale.

In the webinar "The Digitalization of the Point of Sale - Technologies and Data as Turbo for Retailing", Harald Mösel summarizes the challenges of today's purchasing behavior and explains how those can be handled by means of digitalization of the point of sale. In this process, he also introduces a field-tested approach how offline retailing can be transformed into an omni-channel trading business and how to ideally use the newly gained information.  

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