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Webinar: Do you treat your data like gold? Safeguard digitization with data governance

Data are the new gold and the most important enterprise asset in times of digitization. But are enterprise data also handled like gold? It is important for an enterprise to recognize that data have a life cycle, and therefore need to be organized, configured and documented. This upstream set of rules and regulations meant to ensure availability, easy use and security of data is known as data governance.

This concept does not involve a single project, but a convergence of processes, roles and rules all related to handling of enterprise data. Especially a merger of all of an enterprise's master data into a coherent whole -  a single point of truth - improves quality as well as use of data at the enterprise.

This webinar provides valuable impulses in the form of business cases serving as a motivation for data governance projects. The speaker will also give an overview of the components of a data governance strategy, present related use cases, and thus provide inspiration for your own introductory project. Participants will also learn how to control risk management and added value of their data, and create a basis for transformation in the area of digitization. Everything you need to know will be shown by Jörg Westermayer in a free webinar titled "Do you treat your data like gold? Safeguard digitization with data governance" from 11:00 to 12:00 on 8th November.

Contents of the webinar

  • Data governance and digitization
  • Business case: Risk management
  • Business case: Artificial intelligence
  • Data governance at enterprises
  • Introductory project: Data governance

Why you should attend the webinar

  • Introduction to data governance in times of digitalization
  • Overview of components for data governance strategy
  • Interaction with an expert in the field

Your expert and speaker for all matters regarding data governance

Our expert Dr. Jörg Westermayer will lead the webinar. As a consultant with a background in history and economics, specializing in data warehouse as well as project management, he has advised customers from different sectors such as e-commerce, telecommunications and media for more than twenty years. He heads the competence centre for data governance. His consulting and management experience relate to BI and DWH, with a focus on BI strategy as well as metadata, data-quality and campaign management. His project experience encompasses the entire value creation process, ranging from analysis and planning through design to management of interdisciplinary projects. In addition to professional and methodical know-how, the speaker convinces with his management experience, strategic thinking and moderation.

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