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Webinar: Effizienzsteigerung im Berichtswesen auf Basis von IBCS® mit SUCCESS

Webinar: Raising the efficiency of reporting based on IBCS® with SUCCESS


Reports are among the most important control instruments and must therefore convey the right message at first glance, and also make the information easy to understand. Do you know whether your reports are read and, above all, interpreted correctly? – This is often not achieved: They are frequently not properly understood by recipients, or not even read at all. They miss their objective – which is to convey a message!

How you can improve your reporting on the basis of IBCS® with SUCCESS will be shown by our b.telligent expert Stefan Kersten in an online webinar titled "Raising efficiency of reporting on the basis of IBCS® with SUCCESS" on 15th March, 2018, from 11:00 - 12:00.

Still prevailing in practice at many companies, despite floods of data, are medieval methods of evaluating data and key figures with a low degree of standardization, redundant reports and, thus, high resource requirements. Needless to say, this stands in the way of generally efficient and effective reporting.

Central topics of the webinar

  • IBCS with SUCCESS: The 7 golden rules
  • IBCS with SUCCESS in practice
  • The added value of IBCS: An example
  • Success in reporting with the proper tool selection

What specific added value does the webinar have for you?

This webinar demonstrates the benefits of a reporting system according to IBCS® (International Business Communication Standards) with SUCCESS. SUCCESS stands here for:

  • SAY: Convey your message
  • UNIFY: Use standardized notation
  • CONDENSE: Increase the density of information
  • CHECK: Ensure visual integrity
  • EXPRESS: Select a suitable visualization
  • SIMPLIFY: Avoid all superfluity
  • STRUCTURE: Organize content logically

How you can quickly and easily take the first steps with this approach will be shown by our speaker Stefan Kersten.

A speaker with theoretical and practical experience!

Stefan Kersten is head of the competence center titled Business Performance Management, and the responsible contact person for processes, methods, implementation as well as project management. For over 19 years, he has advised clients from all possible sectors such as banking, insurance, financial and real estate services, utilities and pharmaceuticals on BI strategy and implementation. His strengths, in addition to professional and methodical know-how, include capabilities in the areas of problem-solving, strategic and customer-oriented thinking as well as presentation.

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