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Webinar Producing Reports from 0-100

Produce Reports from 0–100 in a few Steps – Simple Tools for fast Analysis, Selection, and Implementation


Many medium-sized enterprises face the challenge to make better use of their own data/information and turn out professional reports – but without tapping corporate budgets. On November 9, 2017, from 11 am to 12 noon, we will demonstrate how to work with minimal funds and simple methods to deploy pragmatic data integration solutions and conjure up superb reports and analyses.


Make better decisions with interactive analysis programs

Reporting systems have always played a decisive role in the strategic and operational management of corporations. In addition to traditional period reports as PDF files and sort of semi-manual Excel files, employees would increasingly like to have easy-to-use, interactive analysis programs to save work and enable them to quickly find the root causes of problems. This is the only way for enterprises to get rid of limited and unwieldy peeps through keyholes at their own data/information, and transition to real and fast overviews backed by simple options for detailed analyses.

New, advanced tools empower even non-technically oriented employees to better apply their own experiences and cognitive skills through an enormously improved data basis – and thereby finally make better decisions. However, one must setup a certain degree of centralized governance to avoid information silos, diverse datasets, and unnecessary proliferation.   

Have we perked up your interest in finding out how to achieve this with minimal funds? Then come and listen to our b.telligent speaker, Olaf Bowe, Head of the Competence Center Visual Data Discovery.


The webinar agenda

  • Status quo at medium-sized enterprises and their challenges
  • Elements of a data integration and reporting solution
  • Typical cost drivers of data projects
  • Practical suggestions on selecting and setting up a program to produce reports
  • Overview of relevant technologies on the market


What you could learn from the webinar

Don’t get fooled by manufacturers’ claims. At this webinar, you’ll get valuable tips on a successful and inexpensive solution for reports and analyses. Moreover, you’ll learn about the dos and don’ts of how to select and launch such a solution.



As the Head of the Competence Center and a project manager, Olaf Bowe has been advising customers for over 18 years on aspects such as reports, analysis, data visualization, technical project management, data modeling, optimization, and system architecture.  He has worked on various business intelligence and data warehousing projects at customers from diverse sectors like commerce, media, telecommunications, and automotive. 

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