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Webinar: Pitfalls when implementing BI planning systems


Are you considering integrating a planning solution into your business? Or have you already set up a reporting system, but you've reached your limits when it comes to its implementation? There are many businesses who have already set up reporting systems but fail to implement them. Our experts are here to help.


The typical pitfalls - and how to avoid them

Our webinar "Pitfalls when implementing BI planning systems - and how to avoid them" takes place on 23rd March 2017 from 11:00-12:00pm and is completely free of charge. Using concrete examples of pitfalls, our planning and reporting experts will show you how to avoid errors in a few simple clicks when implementing planning solutions and how you can save high amounts of money in doing so. Furthermore, rather than focusing on a specific product, you can discover what components come together to make an overall planning solution. Avoid the typical pitfalls that arise when implementing a planning solution.


Mathias Schütz - your specialist and advisor

Matthias Schütz and his team want to enable their customers to integrate reporting solutions into their company quickly and easily by using modern planning software. Matthias Schütz has a background in controlling, where he developed a reporting and planning platform from an end user's perspective. He has now been a business consultant for both BI software companies and BI consulting companies for over 12 years. He has concentrated on gradually introducing planning and reporting solutions into companies. His specialist knowledge makes him the perfect advisor and point of contact for the webinar.

You can also find out why companies should be integrating planning solutions into their business and which problems can be addressed in doing so.

You can look forward to an exciting, user-friendly webinar where you can find out any answers to questions regarding the introduction of reporting and planning solutions.

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