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Webinar: Microsoft Strategy Desktop - Fast track to a storytelling prototype

Storytelling is becoming increasingly relevant for enterprise communications to the outside – the goal here being lasting conveyance of information. MicroStrategy turned out to be a convincing option during a search for the right tool. It allows easy creation of dossiers for storytelling.

Storytelling allows a mediation of complex information and knowledge in compressed form, thus enabling lucid representation. It can be used not only for knowledge management, but also advertising, PR, marketing and reporting. Storytelling of history, event, problem and solution helps inspire the audience, rouse their emotions and motivate them for an idea or a product. But what exactly is storytelling with data?

MicroStrategy enables data discovery, thus allowing a company to fully exploit the potential of its data. Entirely according to the slogan "nothing is as powerful as an organization focused on real-time information," this webinar is meant to reveal best practices based on the use of MicroStrategy Desktop. We want to assist you in making your reporting more appealing.

This webinar provides valuable tips on implementing storytelling, modern data exploration and visualization with the help of MicroStrategy. You will be familiarized with sample applications and receive an insight into how prototypes are first created for a small team so that they can subsequently be published across the enterprise using the MicroStrategy platform.

Everything you need to know will be shown by Klaus-Peter Schulze in a free webinar titled "MicroStrategy Desktop: Fast track to a storytelling prototype" from 11:00 to 12:00 on 29th November.

Contents of the webinar

  • What is storytelling with data?
  • What the general procedure?
  • How is MicroStrategy Desktop used?
  • Which visualizations should be used how?
  • What happens after creation of a dossier?

Why you should not miss this webinar

  • Hands-on tips for operating MicroStrategy Desktop
  • Practical tips for data exploration and visualization
  • Interaction with an expert in the field of reporting

Your speaker and expert for all matters related to reporting

Our expert Klaus-Peter Schulze will lead the webinar. He has a background in business mathematics and has dealt with BI topics for over 18 years. He has also gained many years of experience in web and Internet programming. He is a consultant specializing in establishment and architecture of enterprise DWH / BI applications, taking into account big data, as well as data mining in conjunction with MicroStrategy. In this role, he advises customers from different sectors such as banking, telecommunications and automotive. He is also frequently active as an international trainer and coach for these clusters of topics.

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