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Webinar: Data strategy – and how to implement it in the age of big data & data science


 So you would like to become a "data-driven" company? In the age of big data, data science and artificial intelligence, there is certainly a lot of talk about being a "data-driven company".

Thanks to the digitalization of processes and the networking of machines, data will grow significantly in terms of volume and variability as time goes by. No longer is big data simply a concept that will only matter some time in the distant future; it is already a reality today! The best way to deal with this data chaos is with a carefully planned data strategy. And with a business plan that defines your goals, timelines and resources in order to use the data profitably. This kind of strategy can convert data into added value information for, for example, corporate decisions. When it comes to implementing a data strategy, you will find there are normally two types of companies. The first often doesn't know how to use the potential of big data to stay one step ahead of the competition. The other has already integrated the various tools needed to use big data into their companies, but they are usually unable to see the forest from the trees because of the technical complexity and high standards demanded by the systems.

The webinar on Jan. 11, 2018 from 11:00 am to 12:00pm discusses implementation strategies for companies, examines the professional and technical aspects of data strategies that go beyond traditional DWH/BI systems, and provides you with insights into the success factors involved.

Content of the webinar

Objectives of a successful data strategy, with application scenarios

Potential logical architectures and their components

Data governance in relation to data strategy

Different implementation strategies

Pitfalls and how to avoid them during implementation

Benefits of the webinar

This webinar will give you valuable tips on what to consider when developing a modern data strategy and how to structure it to suit your company. It will explain the main dimensions and provide you with suitable starting points for introducing your strategy.


John Held is a b.telligent management consultant who has specialized in project management, DWH & BI, requirements analysis, big data and data strategy. He has been advising clients from a wide range of industries on these topics for the past seventeen years. His focus is on the complete data-driven value-added process, from analysis, planning and conception through to implementation. 


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