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Webinar: Real-time data processing demystified - faster results with Snowflake and Kafka

Using the Snowflake DB and Kafka, Dominik Schuster shows you how to process webshop data in real time and integrated it into the DWH process.

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Real-time data and Snowflake: modern data acquisition on a highly scalable and flexible platform

You will be shown the essentials of the Snowflake architecture and the components required for real-time data processing. Learn how the Lambda architecture handles real-time data processing and gain an insight into how to integrate the data into normal ETL processes.

Who should take part?

Are you a project manager, a developer or do you consider yourself BI architect? Is your company internet-based and deals with data processing? Then you shouldn't miss the free webinar by our colleague Dominik Schuster on February 27 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.

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Our speaker

Dominik Schuster is a senior consultant specializing in DWH and BI. He has been advising our clients from a variety of industries for five years.

His project experience extends across the entire development process, from requirements analysis to data modeling and reporting. In addition to his technical and methodical knowledge, his expertise includes solution-oriented initiatives and customer-oriented thinking.

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