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Webinar: Data Governance – Data Lineage as the Key to successful Implementation


The topic of data governance is more popular than ever and is being discussed in many areas. And that's not the only reason that the topic of data governance is on everyone's lips. A multitude of publications, blog articles and conferences are also addressing this topic. Often, we are dealing with definitions, roles, processes, frameworks or even organisational adjustments. Two questions in particular stand out here:

  • How can a suitable data governance model be found?
  • How can a data governance model be efficiently introduced and implemented?

Our webinar "Data governance - data lineage as the key to successful implementation" in April clears things up: in the webinar, the Metadata experts present a tried and tested data governance model and give useful tips on how a visualised data lineage can support the introduction and operation of a decentralised data governance model. The Metadata experts also show how data governance can be implemented with the help of tools.


The Metadata experts - 30 years of cumulative experience with b.telligent

b.telligent is a consulting company which specialises on the introduction and further development of business intelligence, customer relationship management, DWH and big data solutions at companies in mass markets. The speakers for the webinar, Wolf Erlewein and Thorsten Kraft, have a total of more than 30 years of experience in the fields of data and risk management between them. They acquired this experience in retail, the telecommunications industry and in particular the finance sector, for example. In addition, the experts have many years of competence in the field of designing, implementing and maintaining international rating systems and in the implementation of BCBS 239.
Look forward to an exciting and user-friendly webinar in which you will receive answers to your questions surrounding the topic of data governance!

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