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Webinar: From A/B testing to personalisation

Conversion optimization without A/B testing? Unthinkable! But what route does the journey from A/B testing to personalization take? Find the answer here!

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Personalisation: conversion optimization - the next level?

It is widely recognized that website messages have to be personalized nowadays if they are to capture the attention of visitors. In this webinar, we examine the options available for website optimization. We show you how to move from conventional conversion optimization with A/B testing to onpage personalization  –  and we explain the strengths of each approach. Finally, we describe the extensive interaction between these measures beyond your website.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Theoretical derivation: website optimization with onpage testing
    • What is conversion optimization?
    • Goals hierarchy - from business goals to website goals
    • Conversion funnel - what do I measure and where?
    • An introduction to best practices for this approach
  • Defining personalization
  • Supplier overview

Why you should take part?

Are you an online marketer, product owner or digitalization specialist? Is your company internet-based or does it have a website that is critical to the success of its business? Then you shouldn't miss this free webinar hosted by our colleague Wolfgang Jarnach on 12 December at 11:00 am. Register here. The webinar will be held in German.

Our speaker

Wolfgang Jarnach, senior consultant customer intelligence

Wolfgang has been a consultant at b.telligent since April 2019. Specializing in customer intelligence, online marketing, and digital analytics, he advises customers from a number of different industries, including non-profit, retail and manufacturing, on topics such as the customer journey, web analysis, campaign management as well as conversion optimization and e-commerce.    His project experience covers the entire value creation chain from process and requirements analysis to planning and conceptual design, through to the implementation of cross-sector project plans with a special focus on digital analysis and online marketing strategy. 

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