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Webinar: Data-driven in the cloud

Cloud services such as AWS, Google, etc. enable us to implement or operate data-driven products and services with a minimum of fuss. Whether you're pursuing an enterprise-wide cloud strategy (migration) or taking analytics to the next level, you should always keep the actual use case in mind. You'll need to be familiar with strategy, technology and organization.

Contents of the webinar

  • Datadriven use cases and draft implementation plans in the cloud
  • Scalable analytics, Smart Archive and ETL offloading
  • Data lakes and data pools
  • Data governance
  • Data security and data privacy

Why you shouldn't miss this webinar

This is a not-to-be-missed webinar in which data and use cases take priority before infrastructure. Cloud technologies allow for very efficient piloting and implementation (in terms of both time and cost) without creating large monolithic IT landscapes. Real case examples are used throughout. Register now.

Your speaker

John Held is a b.telligent management consultant and a specialist in project management, DWH & BI, requirements analysis, big data and data strategy. He has been advising clients from a wide range of industries on these topics for the past eighteen years. His focus is on the complete data-driven value creation process from analysis, planning and conceptual design through to implementation.

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