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Webinar: CDP - the new silver bullet in marketing?

Customer data platforms, abbreviated CDP, are the hype this year. Since last year, this modern and fresher version of classic campaign management from the USA has been adopted increasingly in Germany. In this webinar, our CDP experts will tell you what a CDP is, which problems it solves, and when a CDP can be useful for you.

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Customer data platform: Hype or help after all?

Is direct marketing experiencing a revolution? This seems to be the case if the topic of CDP currently a trend in America is followed on various social media platforms. But is the customer data platform from the USA really just hype being chased by all, or does such a platform actually remedy current (data) problems in marketing? Discover the answers in our free webinar.

The following agenda items await you:

  • What is a CDP, and which problems does it solve?
  • What are the differences to campaign management systems and marketing clouds?
  • How is a CDP structured, and which types exist?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of a customer data platform?
  • For whom does a CDP come into consideration, and which requirements must be fulfilled?
  • What is the future trend?

Use this opportunity and sign up here for our free webinar on 14th November from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Please note that the webinar will be held in German.

Our speakers

Laurentius Malter

Laurentius Malter has over 15 years of experience in CRM, customer intelligence, customer management, CRM analytics and campaign management. Thanks to his extensive professional and international project experience, he can cover the entire value chain ranging from analysis, through planning and conception, right up to implementation and optimization of complex projects with a focus on automotive, retail, banking and digital business models.

Alexander Nitsche is a team leader in the area of customer intelligence. For more than six years, he has advised customers from various sectors on business intelligence, customer intelligence and e-commerce . His project experience encompasses the entire value creation process, ranging from analysis, through planning and conception, right up to implementation of projects across multiple sectors.

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