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Webinar: "CDP, CMP, DMP: Who can still navigate through the platform jungle?"

There are many marketing automation platforms, but usually no time to evaluate and assess all the different tools for one's own needs. And how do the customer data platforms, customer management platforms and data management platforms differ at all? At our webinar from 11:00 to 12:00 on 18th July 2019, b.telligent managing director Sebastian Amtage will provide answers to the most pressing questions.  

Get the most out of your data: With customer data platforms!

It is a matter of routine for your customers: They follow a link in your newsletter, visit your online store, send an enquiry via social media, or complete a purchase by telephone. But how can you guarantee that your customers are always assigned correctly - and you use their data efficiently and responsibly? 

Customer data platforms offer highly efficient solutions here: Customer data are evaluated and merged in real time at each touch point; the various systems are easy to implement and provide the widely heralded 360-degree view of your customer. At the webinar, Sebastian Amtage will explain …  

  • … the advantages of CDP
  • … how to recognize a CDP architecture suitable for your enterprise
  • … the differences between CDP vendors

Your speaker

Sebastian Amtage, managing director

With a degree in physics, Sebastian Amtage is the founder and managing director of b.telligent. He is an expert in the areas of customer intelligence, analytics, big data, CRM and marketing automation. In addition to his 19 years of consulting experience, he is also speaker in the area of digitization.

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