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Spark Summit

Spark Summit 2017


A must-attend event for all data scientists, developers, researchers and business people: the Spark Summit 2017 in Dublin! The summit will take place between 24 and 26 October 2017 in the Convention Centre Dublin. With its glass frontage and numerous curved walls, the building is famous for its many architectural innovations and was shortlisted for the Engineering Project of the Year award in 2010. It is the perfect location for a major event such as the Spark Summit.

With over 96 sessions being held over two days, you'll find interesting talks covering a wide spectrum of topics: data science, artificial intelligence, enterprise, data engineering, research and Spark ecosystems. The sessions will also examine the topic of Apache Spark and its potential applications in the world of startups, for example, and real-time image recognition. The event itself will be preceded by a "Training Day" on 24 October, which will offer a variety workshops on deep learning, data science and Apache Spark best practices. The workshops are designed to help visitors develop and consolidate their Apache Spark skills. More information about the agenda and the training day is available here.


b.telligent as a databrick's partner

The Spark Summit is organised by databricks, a b.telligent partner. databricks' mission is to drive innovation for all of its customers by combining data science, engineering and business in a single solution. Founded by the same team that developed Apache Spark, databricks provides a "unified analytics platform" that enables data science teams to create data products.  

As a databricks partner, b.telligent is always ready to provide you with detailed information about the potential uses of Apache Spark and the new technologies. b.telligent specialist Stefan Seltmann, principal consultant, will therefore be attending these lectures in order to be fully informed of the latest innovations. We look forward to a stimulating Spark Summit 2017, where we expect to gain many new insights and innovative ideas.

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