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Visualize your World

b.telligent as Qlik-Partner at the event 'Visualize Your World'


On 18 October 2017, Visualize YOUR World reaches Mainz, having already taken place in major cities around the world such as Washington, Moscow or Tokyo. The data analytics tour focuses primarily on the Qlik cloud-ready analytics platform, which puts data, employees and ideas centre stage. Its Associative Model offers a new generation of analysis options that can unlock previously hidden insights and findings from your data.


Partnership between b.telligent and Qlik

Qlik is the leading visual analytics platform and the pioneer in user-driven business intelligence. Its product portfolio comprises cloud-based and on-premise solutions ranging from reporting and self-service visual analysis through to guided, embedded and custom analytics. Qlik and b.telligent, the consulting firm for topics such as BI and reporting solutions, benefit in equal measure from their partnership.


Illuminate the world with a new data analysis solution

Presentations by Qlik managers on a wide variety of topics, such as the digital transformation, BI platforms and analytics will reveal new business opportunities. Companies such as Hans im Glück Franchise GmbH, Mehrwerk AG and Lufthansa GmbH also have interesting presentations lined up on subjects such as data analysis, process mining and reporting. "Qlik Activities" also offers visitors time to pursue their own interests, to gain fresh inspiration and talk shop with partners. The day ends with a Q&A with Qlik management and concluding remarks about the day's events.


3 good Reasons to be there

  1. Data will always be around, but opportunities are ephemeral. Learn how to make the most of big data and how to optimise your business processes by making your analyses and reports more dynamic.
  2. Identify opportunities and explore new avenues. Learn about the new possibilities on offer from the various platforms and be ready to intervene quickly whenever business requirements change.
  3. Gain new insights through networking. Expand your network and deepen your knowledge in discussions with product experts and partners.

As a Qlik partner, b.telligent is taking the opportunity to be there in person in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz. Our expert Olaf Bowe, head of the Visual Data Discovery competence centre, will attend many of the presentations and would be happy to talk to you. You can make an appointment here.

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