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Die Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing in Düsseldorf in Feburary


A German phrase that is also an international buzzword? And one that is derived from a government initiative? Yes, that's right: at a trade show in Hannover in the year 2011, the German federal government coined the phrase "Industry 4.0" in reference to the interfacing of industrial production with intelligent information technology. It goes without saying that a lot has happened in this field since 2011. In the course of the advancing digitisation, news updates seem to crop up almost every day that refer to Industry 4.0, big data, artificial intelligence and smart factories.
ThePredictive Analytics World Manufacturing trade show, which is taking place in Düsseldorf from 2nd until 3rd February, is taking something of a new approach this time around: it will showcase the digitisation topics which have already achieved practical relevance and the economic benefits that companies have drawn from them.


b.telligent at the Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing

The presentations at the two-day conference will present the specific areas of use and business scenarios for Predictive Analytics in the context of industrial production. Their objective is to highlight the specific possible uses of Predictive Analytics on a holistic basis and to provide detailed explanations of the company-specific solutions. b.telligent, one of the leading consulting companies for business intelligence, customer relationship management and e-commerce in German-speaking Europe, will of course also be attending the event. Our expert and Principal Consultant Dr.Michael Allgöwer is already looking forward to the event: "We have attended the Predictive Analytics World twice and have been very impressed by the quality of the presentations. This is a good enough reason to attend the Manufacturing event as well."
One highlight of the event is certain to be the keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Will van der Aalst, a Professor at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, on the topic of "Process Mining based on the Internet of Events". Guests can also expect to find exciting presentations covering the topics of Predictive Maintenance & Logistics, Outlier & Anomaly Detection, Fault Prediction & Failure Detection, Risk Management & Prevention, Supply Chain Analytics as well as Machine-, Ensemble- & Deep Learning.

Are you attending the Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing in Düsseldorf, and are you interested in arranging a discussion with the b.telligent experts?

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