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Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0 – Where AI meets IoT

b.telligent at the Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0 – Where AI meets IoT

This summer, on 12th and 13th June 2018, the who's whoof decision-makers and experts in predictive analytics will meet in Munich in the Hilton Munich Park Hotel. Predictive Analytics World is the leading manufacturer-independent conference for applied predictive analytics related to Industry 4.0, this year's main topics being artificial intelligence (AI) industry and the Internet of things (IoT). Hotly discussed here are also the latest trends and technologies in the area of machine and deep learning.

Sneak peeks from the agenda

This year too, the predictive analytics conference provides stimulating presentations and an interesting workshop for all data scientists and analysts!
Aditya Guglani from Uber shows how data quality can be increased with the help of anomaly detection, and reports: "We are using machine learning techniques to gather stats on data quality and creating an anomaly detection system to inform decision makers in case of degraded data quality".
Also represented is our partner Dataiku with a presentation on the topic titled "Model Interpretability: How to get clear insights from your models without compromising its performances?" – addressed here are various methods of interpreting models and data.
Further highlights and previews on presentations can be found here.

"Data Thinking": A workshop for predictive analytics

For all data scientists and managers who can't get enough of IoT, machine learning and AI: On 11th June, the predictive analytics conference will be preceded by a workshop dealing with the subject of "data thinking" and covering the following aspects, in particular:

  • Which factors are decisive for successful data strategy and data-driven business?
  • What is the data-strategy design method all about, and how can it be used for individual data strategies at enterprises?
  • Last but not least: What kind of performance do analytical solutions offer, and how are analysis projects planned, evaluated and prioritized efficiently and effectively?

b.telligent at the Predictive Analytics conference in Munich

This year too, b.telligent will be represented at Predictive Analytics by Dr. Andreas Hopfgartner, our senior consultant, Dr. Michael Allgöwer, our data scientist and management consultant and Christoph Hoffmann, Consultant Data Science who will obtain an overview of the latest trends, technologies and innovations.

We look forward to meeting you there! You are also welcome to make an appointment with our colleagues here!

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