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Microsoft Workshop: Spark on Azure

Databricks on Azure: An introduction for analysts – making the leap into the world of big data fun!

Data scientists, analysts and experts in numbers looking for a tailor-made, big-data tool will receive a practical introduction at our workshop on 21st February 2018. The Rilano Hotel in Munich, easily accessible via public transport, will provide a perfect working environment for the all-day workshop from 09:00 18:00 for the leap into the world of big data.

How Microsoft manages entry into the world of big data

Anyone wanting to conduct business intelligence or data science in a big-data environment will hardly be able to circumvent Apache Spark, a framework for data processing, analytics, and data science on big-data systems. This technology is still spreading rapidly - b.telligent itself deploys it for several customers and is also a partner for the commercial variant of Databricks.

The workshop introduction is facilitated by Databricks on Azure via a web interface which eliminates all obstacles in terms of installation and administration. In a correspondingly easy-going manner with a focus on essentials, we can then jointly commence the workshop sponsored by Microsoft.

Event highlights

Intended for beginners, the workshop provides an introduction to the framework. The workshop's theoretical section is meant to explain concepts and special features such that participants at the end of the day are able to provide information about the technology and assess its suitability in their projects. A further section allows initial practical exercises with SQL (and a little bit of Python). All examples are prepared here on notebooks.

Why participation in the workshop is worthwhile!

This workshop provides answers to important questions and explains new approaches in the big-data environment -

  • what is special about Databricks on Azure?
  • what is Spark and which status does it have in the big-data universe?
  • learning the fundamentals of distributed processing with Spark
  • possibilities of running Spark (notebooks, shell, ...)
  • data frames, Spark SQL
  • interfaces to other technologies
  • hands-on work with notebooks for data preparation, analysis, and visualization

and much, much more! You will leave the workshop with theoretical and practical experience, as well as a clear idea of how to use Spark efficiently and effectively for yourself and your projects.

Theory and practice with experienced speakers

Stefan Seltmann and Dr. Michael Allgöwer are experienced data-science practitioners with project experience in diverse industries. They know the world of relational databases as well as big-data technologies, and look forward to generating enthusiasm in dealing with new technologies amongst participants and showing them how Databricks on Azure greatly facilitates this introduction.

Please bring your own laptop, because we will be using the browser for Databricks! A good knowledge of SQL is important for the practical part, Python is optional.

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We look forward to your participation!

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