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Kafka Summit in London

Come to the Kafka Summit in London on 13 and 14 May and discover what's new in the world of streaming.

Confluent is extending an invitation to all developers, operators, data scientists and executives who want to build streaming platforms into their businesses and develop streaming applications.

Discover the world of streaming

With presentations from the biggest brands who are harnessing streaming technologies to transform their industries, the Kafka Summit is the best forum in which to learn from the community.

As streaming platforms become central to data strategies, companies both small and large are rethinking their architecture with real-time context at the forefront.  More and more data centers are moving to the cloud. What was once a "batch" mindset is quickly being replaced with stream processing as the demands of the business impose more and more real-time requirements on developers and architects. This revolution is transforming industries.

What started at companies like LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix and Yelp has made its way into countless others in various industries. Today, thousands of companies across the globe build their businesses on top of Apache Kafka®. The developers responsible for this revolution need a place to share their experiences on this journey. 

Kafka Summit is the premier event for data architects, engineers, developers, and anyone who wants to learn about streaming data. It brings the Apache Kafka community together to share best practices, write code, and discuss the future of streaming technologies.

The current agenda for the two-day event can be found here.

b.telligent at the Kafka Summit

Our senior consultant Ondrej Klucka will be attending to represent b.telligent at the Summit. We are getting ready to experience the latest innovations from the world of streaming, to make new, interesting contacts and to engage in interesting discussions with our partners. Please feel free to contact us in advance to arrange a meeting.

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