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Cloudera Sessions

Cloudera-Sessions in Munich with b.telligent


The Munich Cloudera Sessions – the "must-attend" event for all of the regions's data professionals – are being held at Eisbach Studios on 12 October 2017 from 8.00am to 6.00pm. The Eisbach Studios in the east of Munich are an excellent venue offering ideal conditions for both exhibitors and hosts. b.telligent will be involved this year, attending the event for the first time as a partner and startup sponsor with its own information stand.

The latest use cases in the fields of machine learning and knowledge extraction, artificial intelligence (AI) and the automation of intelligent behaviour will be discussed at the various sessions. Representatives from well-known companies such as Intel, Volkswagen, MAN and the Versicherungskammer Bayern will be giving some fascinating lectures on a wide variety of topics including predictive maintenance, fraud detection, improving product recommendation techniques and proactive customer service. You will find a more detailed programme of events here.


Reasons for attending

Why you should spend a day at Cloudera Sessions? These are our top five reasons for participating:

  1. To learn. Learn about your "equipment". Learn how to improve your analyses and management of machine-generated data and find out what benefits this can have on your business processes.
  2. To connect. Meet the Cloudera team, its partners, like-minded people from the data industry – and, of course, b.telligent!
  3. To interact. Panel discussions and networking breaks offer numerous opportunities to interact with technical experts, partners and exhibitors.
  4. To improve. Digitisation is making inroads. Improve your understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence with the help of keynotes and technical breakout sessions.
  5. To gain experience. Well-known companies such as Intel, Volkswagen, MAN and the Versicherungskammer Bayern will help you make the most of your data and share their success stories in a wide choice of lectures.


b.telligent as a partner at the Cloudera Sessions

This year, b.telligent has taken the opportunity to act as a startup sponsor and partner at the Cloudera Session. Our information stand will be manned by our b.telligent experts Frank Schmidt, head of the Big Data & DevOps competence centre, and Christian Schroer, principal consultant. We would be pleased to advise you on all matters related to business intelligence, Big Data, CRM and more.

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