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Turning Data into Action: Campaign Management Breakfast - Interact with Marketing Experts -


Insights into customer needs, behaviors, habits, and how to implement these in campaigns make up the essence of successful, personalized marketing.

Turning data into actions

Against the backdrop of this theme, our data analysis and campaign management experts at b.telligent and Apteco invite you to a free business breakfast in Zurich, Switzerland.

We will inform you about current trends in customer-centric marketing, and guide you on mastering the step to marketing automation!

Program highlights

Laurentius Malter, Head of the Competence Center Customer Intelligence at b.telligent, presents the seven success factors of marketing automation, culminating many years of overarching experience conducting projects for clients. He follows up with two ongoing use cases, and gives valuable pointers to help bolster every campaign manager.

You will also receive your very own copy of “44 Customer-Centric Marketing Use Cases” to help you promote campaign management and marketing automation issues in your own enterprise.

A light business breakfast sets the scene for practice-based interaction in a pleasant atmosphere.


Program details

08:30 am

Get-together: Reception with coffee and croissants at the Au Premier in Zurich

09:00 am

Welcome address and an overview of current trends in customer-centric marketing

Martin Clark, CEO of Apteco GmbH Germany

09:20 am

Presentation by b.telligent: The 7 factors for a successful launch of marketing automation

Laurentius Malter, Head of the Competence Center Customer Intelligence

Marketing automation solutions help enterprises to steer customer journeys and measure success, thereby ensuring that you connect with the right customers at the right point in time via a suitable channel. These and other advantages can be used only if the marketing automation system has been set up properly. Enterprises face a tough challenge today: the host of currently available marketing automation programs basically flood marketing departments with virtually an endless set of functions, features, and modules.

Laurentius Malter guides you on the challenges you need to master while implementing a marketing automation solution. He delves into the importance of aspects like data management, degree of maturity, organizational interfacing, and much more. As a marketing automation expert with 15 years of experience in CRM, customer intelligence, mobile customer engagement, and campaign management, Laurentius knows the “hurdles that you particularly need to address during implementation.”

10:10 am

Demo of two marketing use cases
1. more than just a reference: communicating with next best offer and RFM individually and boosting results
2. customer journey: accompany a shopping drop out via multi-channel

10:50 am

44 customer-centric marketing use cases: overview and handout of your personal copy

11:00 am

Summary & closing remarks

11:00 am – 12 noon

Get connected over a cup of coffee


Who should attend the breakfast meeting?

Are you interested in marketing automation? Are you currently in the process of evaluating suitable companies offering solutions, and wish to know if you have covered all crucial aspects?

Then join us on Thursday, March 22, 2018 in the Au Premier, Zurich, Switzerland, from 9 am to about 12:30 pm – for an insight into the world of marketing automation!

Book now – attendance is limited! Spots are filled on a first-come basis!

Register here!

We look forward to having you join us!

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