Mobile BI

With mobile BI, all business intelligence data is available at all times at the touch of a finger. Whether management, sales, marketing: Mobile BI allows that easily interpretable, interactive analyses can be downloaded on the go and supports the intelligent decision-making.

Finance tables, sales developments and trends: the application of Mobile BI guarantees quick access to all existing company reports and provides innovative dashboards on the spot. Due to their graphic visualization, mobile BI users always have an attractive presentation possibility ready.

b.telligent supports you in choosing the optimal product, as well as in implementing and hosting mobile applications.

Reporting in Consideration of the Target Devices

There are many different application scenarios for mobile BI, and they continue to be enhanced by the ongoing development of new mobile terminal devices. iPhone, iPad, new Android pads and smartphones with ever stronger hardware, more brilliant and larger displays and fast net technologies such as HSDPA and LTE increasingly ensure the breakthrough in the mobile BI market.

The basic principles of reporting remain unaffected by the technological developments: the consideration of requirements of the target person (target audience) substantially influences the design process. The displays and numbers e.g. for top management differ from the reporting requirements of the field sales representative. Professional mobile reporting constitutes a challenge in a different form for report developers and designers: the consideration of the target devices.

Reports on Smartphones vs. Tablets

In addition to the handling with touch screen and position sensor as compared to mouse and keyboard, other factors must be considered when preparing reports for smartphones and tablets. For example, the adjustment of the reports in portrait and landscape position creates new possibilities for the user of Mobile BI. But the question of whether the reports should be edited for smartphones or tables must also be taken into account in the development.

The reports must be optimally adjusted and compressed for the display on smartphones, including smartphones with a large display. Thus, large tables are a no-go, entry masks and mini buttons are inappropriate. It requires some sensitivity to decide which information can be sensibly displayed on such devices.

Here, the different mobile BI solutions currently on the market develop a large number of new concepts and display options. In this context, functionality and operability of the development should not be lost: as in classic reporting, the key is to enthrall the user for the report with intuitive handling, rather than frustrating her with unusual gimmicks. The balance between creativeness and classic reporting skills must be maintained in all cases.

Some contracted standard reports are suitable for display on pads or tablets; however, the report developers and designers must again make adjustments in the display.

Mobile BI requires a Revision of the Security Concepts

When introducing mobile BI solutions, businesses face the following typical questions regarding security:

  • What may be stored on the device and what remains on the server?
  • How can critical business data be secured?

Thanks to Mobile BI having data and figures available at all times, everywhere incontestably opens up new possibilities and liberties. In order to guarantee data security, however, it is mandatory that the security concepts for mobile devices be revised and adjusted. This is the only way businesses can protect their data in case of loss of the smartphone or tablet. Sensitive data is principally not very suitable for mobile reporting. If it is required, however, a concept is needed that is both user-friendly and offers sufficient security. To this end, the requirements of the customer must be balanced accurately. 

In this context, provisions regarding the downloadable data volume must also be made. The storage capacity on the mobile devices is limited and an adequate access to the reports should be possible even in case of a slow connection.

b.telligent supports businesses in selecting the right mobile BI solution, conceptualizing the security concepts, drawing up the reports and introducing the solution.

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