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With over 175 fully featured services from data centers around the globe, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Millions of customers – including some of the world's fastest growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies – rely on AWS to become more agile, reduce costs and innovate faster.

Our partnership

b.telligent is an AWS Advanced Partner and supports its customers in the migration and building of complex data platforms in the AWS cloud. Our particular focus is on data & analytics, machine learning & AI and CloudOps. We are also certified for the AWS Well Architected Review Program.

Developing and running AWS-based cloud architectures creates new, agile microservice architectures in companies as well as agile and independent teams. Against this background, data governance and the use of BI, data warehousing and data management – the core business of b.telligent – are becoming increasingly important.

Our AWS Badges


"AWS provides us with the latest technologies in the fields of machine learning, data management and Internet of Things for our projects and innovations, allowing us to implement bespoke solutions for our customers both in complex enterprise infrastructures and in the innovative and dynamic environment of start-ups."


John Held
Management Consultant Big Data & CloudOps 



Products & services


  • Cloud architectures, management, CloudOPS

We support the design, construction and operation of cloud environments on AWS using components such as IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code) with the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) & ASW CloudFormation or Terraform. We create CI/CD pipelines with AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy and monitor and audit infrastructures with Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail. In the field of applications, we implement serverless solutions with services such as AWS Lambda, AWS Stepfunctions, AWS Fargate, Amazon API Gateway as well as AWS SNS and SQS.

  • Data & analytics

Whether we're designing and implementing a new data platform or reviewing an existing one on AWS, we're here to help our customers find the solution that fits their needs on AWS. To realize added value for our customers from data analytics on AWS, we deploy AWS managed services such as Amazon Redshift, AWS RDS, Amazon Dynamo DB, AWS Glue, Amazon S3, AWS Lakeformation, and more. Whenever it's likely to be beneficial, we enhance the solution with open-source tools such as dbt and Meltano and software from proven partners like Exasol.


  • DWH migration to the AWS cloud

DWH migration to the AWS Cloud is usually a complex undertaking. As part of an assessment workshop, we support our customers in an initial inventory for migrating a DWH to AWS. As an outcome, discussed approaches to a solution (based on AWS Redshift or third-party providers) are provided as a rough concept including target architecture and roadmap. Subsequently, we assist our customers in implementing/migrating the (on-premise) DWH solution to the cloud. The aim is to automate >80% of the migration effort using frameworks and tools. We rely on the b.telligent partner BladeBridge. On the one hand, this enables us to estimate the migration costs at an early stage and, on the other, it significantly supports both ETL tool migration and database migrations as a versatile code conversion tool. The aim here is complete modernization of the DWH in terms of costs, performance, security and sustainability.

  • Machine learning, AI and ML/AI DevOps

In the field of ML and AI, we support our customers not only by training their models, but we provide support through the entire process, including productive deployment and operation. Here, we employ both AWS Sagemaker services and solutions and suitable third-party solutions.

  • Internet of Things

We also support customers wishing to implement IoT solutions on AWS. We select the most appropriate service from the wide range of available options, such as AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT Greengrass and others, take care of the connection to external devices and systems, and assist with the analysis and evaluation of the data. And with our b.telligent IoT adoption framework, we guide our customers to a successful IoR project in 6 steps.


b.telligent has extensive experience with the large number of managed services provided by AWS in the areas of data & analytics, machine learning & AI, and CloudOps. AWS offers significantly more services and features – with a much broader functionality – than any other cloud provider. These extend from infrastructure solutions such as processing units, storage and databases to emerging technologies related to machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and their analysis, and the Internet of Things.

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