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Webinar: Successful digital marketing (with the right data)

Businesses who want to be successful in digital marketing today must optimize their digital customer's journey. This no-cost webinar shows you how to implement a digital analytics culture in your company.


Online customer journey? Today, nothing happens without one!

It's hard to imagine a customer intelligence strategy without an online customer journey. An important element of customer-centric communication involves analyzing digital channels to discover what action needs to be taken.

To create a comprehensive, customer-centric view, you need to analyze the behavior and needs of your customers across different channels, devices, and platforms. In this webinar, our speaker Wolfgang Jarnach reveals the important role played by three-point website analysis, online marketing controls, and digital customer insights.

Who should take part?

Are you an online marketer, product owner or digitalization specialist? Is your company internet-based or does it have a website that is critical to the success of its business? Then you don't want to miss this free webinar hosted by our colleague Wolfgang Jarnach on March 12  from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Our speaker


Wolfgang has been a b.telligent consultant since April 2019. Specializing in customer intelligence, online marketing, and digital analytics, he advises customers from a number of different industries, including non-profit, retail and manufacturing, on topics such as the customer journey, website analysis, campaign management as well as conversion optimization and e-commerce.


We look forward to hearing from you.
Please note that the webinar will be held in German.

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