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Webinar: Predictive Analytics and Scores within customer-orientated marketing

Predictive analytics in marketing can help better understand the behaviour and motivation of your customers through system-supported evaluations. They provide a 360° view of customers, thereby allowing more targeted addressing of their needs and faster response than the competition. At the same time, you are able to achieve better business results, so that a use of predictive analytics provides a clear competitive advantage

How data science can decisively improve your marketing will be demonstrated by Sebastian Petry in a free webinar titled "Predictive analytics and scores in customer-centric marketing" on May 17th from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

This webinar provides many valuable tips, impulses and best practices for proper integration of predictive analytics into your customer-centric marketing.

You will be introduced to fundamental methods as well as sample applications, and receive an insight into the necessary structures.

Taking the step toward data science is suitable especially for those who possess large amounts of client data.

Contents of the webinar:

  • Why should you use data science in marketing?
  • Introduction to the methods of predictive analytics and scoring
  • Possible applications for predictive analytics and scoring
  • Outlining a scoring landscape
  • Tips for the first steps into the world of data science 

Why you should attend the webinar:

  • Receive valuable tips on how to integrate into your customer-centric communication into data science and convince the management about this measure.
  • This webinar familiarizes you with fundamental methods and applications which help optimize your customer communications.
  • Make data-driven decisions which are verifiably successful.

Your expert and speaker for all matters regarding predictive analytics

Sebastian Petry, head of the data science competence centre at b.telligent, applies his experience in data science as part of various customer projects.

He studied statistics and earned a doctorate in this subject. In his professional career, he has passed through various analytics departments. The experience he acquired there makes him an expert in the field of customer insights.

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