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Energiewirtschaft 4.0

Power Industry 4.0 - How energy suppliers are becoming more flexible and customer orientated


On Thursday, 13th July 2017, the "Power Industry 4.0 - How energy suppliers are becoming more flexible and customer orientated" webinar will take place from 2pm to 3pm with our b.telligent experts Sven Schymik and Dr. Christiana Klingenberg from Uniserv GmbH. The webinar is about the traditional customer relationship management in the energy sector and which challenges it faces after the unbundling and transition. Digitalisation in the energy sector affects the whole value-added chain. 


The power industry in transition

Particularly on the energy market, consumers are posing new challenges for business: As well as the traditional offers such as electricity and gas, consumers nowadays also expect future-oriented and environmentally-friendly solutions such as solar power, battery storage devices, smart homes and e-mobility. This means that energy suppliers must now stand on three pillars: supply security, business efficiency, and the environmental compatibility of products. In addition there are customised customer solutions that fit the individual needs of the customer according to the situation. Energy suppliers, that do not meet these requirements are soon left behind by the smaller companies or start-ups who can respond more flexibly and more quickly due to their size. If large companies are not able to fulfil customer needs, the following is to be expected: customers suddenly switch suppliers.


The value of customer relationship management

It has always been clear: satisfied customers are the key to a company's sustainable, efficient success. To achieve this long-term, sustainable success, a company must understand the importance of customer relationship management and customer master data. In order to be able to cater to the consumer and offer suitable solutions and/or alternatives, it is beneficial to answer the following four questions:

  • Is your customer relationship management data currently up-to-date and is it regularly maintained?
  • Is the data in the system so good that you always know what the situation is with your customers?
  • Have you defined processes that allow you to provide customised solutions for your customers?
  • Or are you developing or adjusting relevant strategies?

Uniserv GmbH and b.telligent, one of the leading consultancy firms for the CRM sector, will show you in this webinar how you can determine the current state of your customer relationship management and optimise master data and processes using practical and concrete examples.

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