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Webinar: IoT analytics platform for sensor data

In order to operate predictive analytics with mostly unstructured sensor data, an IoT data platform not only has to meet certain technical and functional requirements but its implementation and operation must also comply with certain best practices. Check it out!

Contents of the webinar

  • Why is sensor data different from traditional relational data?
  • What special expertise is needed to analyze sensor data?
  • Examples of IoT platform development
  • Tips on maintaining data quality
  • Planning scalability and increasing availability

Why you shouldn't miss this webinar

Learn more on 16. may form 11:00 to 12:00 about everyday best practice and empirical values for the different components of an IoT platform. These will help you automate your processes and get the most out of your sensor data so that you can make the predictions your company needs to support its business decisions. Sign up for the webinar now!

Your speaker

Dr. Hopfgartner is a b.telligent data science/AI consultant specializing in IoT applications. For the past five years, he has advised clients from a variety of industries (medicine, automotive, mobility, utilities, optics) on algorithmics/data and signal analysis/machine learning. His experience covers the entire value creation process from analysis, planning and conceptual design through to implementation.

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