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Webinar: Data Warehouse Automation- State of the Art, Theory and Practice


Change - a force that data warehousing is also subject to. Because constantly increasing time, cost and quality pressure demands enormous organisational efficiency from companies. On top of this, there is the digital transformation, which has been changing - and/or will continue to change - organisations, technologies and methods more and more. In this context, a functioning data warehouse is becoming more and more important.
By means of an automation approach, increasing requirements and framework conditions regarding time, costs and quality can be mastered and the lasting competitiveness of a company can be ensured. Substantial potential exists here, particularly in the BI/DWH field of companies and of their departments. In the webinar "Data Warehouse Automation - How long do you need to install a new feature in your DWH? It could be quicker!" on 4 May 2017, you will find out the advantages that automated DWH offers your organisation


Data warehouse automation - getting the most out of an automated data warehouse

This can be successfully accomplished if the whole life cycle of a DWH solution is considered. In concrete terms, this includes all steps, starting from the planning, to the analysis, the design, the development to daily operation, maintenance, change management, and documentation. It is also essential to adapt Data Warehouse specially to the needs of the company. This rules out a fully automatically generated data warehouse. According to the b.telligent Senior Consultant and speaker of the webinar, Holger Combach, this will "[...] continue to be virtually ruled out in the future".

In the webinar, the opportunities and risks of a DWH automation will first be clarified, before the individual aspects and subareas of DWH automation will be gone into.  This includes the answering of five central questions to do with automation:

  • Why is DWH automation more than a pure code generator?
  • What are the necessary requirements for automation?
  • How can the development process be automated?
  • What automation potentials can be used for the infrastructure and operation?
  • How do organisations proceed with automation projects in practice?


Holger Combach - your DWH expert and speaker 

Holger Combach possesses over 10 years of experience in the fields of Business Intelligence, CRM and Data Warehouse. Since 2014 he has been advising companies from an extremely wide variety of industries, such as for example the media, telecommunications, and e-commerce industry. With his technical know-how, he is the ideal speaker and contact for this webinar.

Look forward to an exciting and user-friendly webinar, in which you will receive answers to all your questions to do with the subject of DWH automation!

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