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The Predictive Analytics World - expert conference in november 2016 in Berlin


As the leading provider-independent expert conference for application-oriented predictive analytics, Predictive Analytics World takes place at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin from 8 to 9 November 2016. Here, experts, managers and users get together in order to discuss current findings and developments and exchange professional and personal ideas.

In inspiring keynotes, relevant case studies and practical presentations, well-known experts will explain which predictive analytics processes and tools really work. This year's core topic will be "Algorithmic Business", where it will be demonstrated what the topic means for the economy and society. The two-day event is known worldwide and in 2016 thus does not only take place in Berlin, but also in San Francisco, Chicago, London and New York. As the speakers and guests come from all over the world, the presentations and workshops will be wholly or partly held in English.  


Presentation by b.telligent Expert Dr. Michael Allgöwer

The mathematician and data science expert Dr. Michael Allgöwer will also attend Predictive Analytics World in Berlin from 8 to 9 November 2016. As Management Consultant for Data Science with b.telligent, he will hold a presentation regarding the topic "Wisdom of the Crowds". At b.telligent, he works with a small, highly specialized team in the machine room of the data science revolution and solves predictive analytics questions in projects within the telecommunications, energy, e-commerce and various other industries.


Wisdom of the Crowds - the Presentation at PAW 2016

"Wisdom of the Crowds" is the idea that a large number of individuals, whose contributions are suitably summarized, frequently produce better assessments together than a single expert. If this basic idea is applied to the creation of machine learning models which predict the future, one arrives at the so-called ensemble methods. Instead of one single, complex model ensembles use a great many simple models which democratically vote on the correct prediction in the end. The correct practical use of this highly performant class of machine learning models is the topic of the Dr. Michael Allgöwer's workshop at Predictive Analytics World 2016.


Predictive Analytics World - Program Focus

The participants of the event may expect the following focus:

Day 1: Online Marketing & E-Commerce

Day 1 of the conference is devoted to the future of data-driven online marketing and e-commerce. Predictive analytics applications enable the full automation and a stronger personalization of advertisement measures and e-commerce. Intelligent processes make optimization decisions independently and in real-time. The presentations demonstrate successful applications of predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics in online marketing and e-commerce and explain the applied methods and processes.

 Day 2: Industry 4.0. Economy 4.0. Society 4.0?

Industry 4.0 stands for the vision of the intelligent factory: the smart factory. However, it is not only production and logistics which become intelligent; our home, our car, our workplace are also getting smart. The basis of the smart devices and smart apps is the internet of things, big data and - for the intelligence - predictive analytics. The second conference day demonstrates the diversity of predictive apps in the various industries and professions and, in addition, discusses the benefit and the limits of predictive analytics for businesses, the economy and our society.

Look forward to two days full of know-how input and personally get to know the Data Scientist Dr. Michael Allgöwer on site. Register today!

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