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POS Connect Exibit in Munich

Mark your calendar for the next POS Connect exhibit, slated for Tuesday to Wednesday, March 12–13, 2019, at the Munich Exhibition Grounds.

Why should I attend?

The POS Connect exhibit offers market experts various solutions and products to digitize brick and mortar retail stores. The following topics will be addresses, in the fields of technology, hardware, marketing, and service:

  • POS analytics
  • POS automatization
  • POS design
  • POS marketing
  • POS tracking
  • ...

Event highlights

POS Connect will be held during the INTERNET WORLD EXPO, the largest eCommerce exhibition, as a special exhibit offering digital solutions for retailers. Enterprises will present their products and solutions to digitize brick and mortar retail stores and inner cities. Exhibitors can book free space at POS Connect, which boasts an experience with 60–70 simulated businesses. The stands are set up in preconceived zones for loading, pedestrians, shelving, and checkouts.

Enterprises will display their specific products and solutions. At the core is a marketplace with a 200 sqm presentation arena, the “Training Workshop,” for POS Connect partners to interact and exchange ideas.  

b.telligent at the POS Connect Exhibit

Our colleague, Harald Mösel, Principal Consultant for Customer Intelligence, will represent b.telligent at POS Connect. Book an appointment with us now.


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