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Machine Learning Conference – The Conference for Machine Learning Innovation

Mark your calendar: June18–20, 2018 – the day when all those interested in machine learning will converge at the Sheraton Arabella Park Hotel in Munich, Germany. Practical examples will highlight what’s already possible and what’s not.

Machine learning (“ML”) helps people become more creative and efficient. And, self-learning machines are already capable of solving very complex problems, often defeating human experts.

Agenda Highlights

The Business & Strategy track presents the basics of ML systems, a deep understanding of the potential of ML, and what added value you can expect for your enterprise. Since ML structures are different from conventional software systems, developers and software architects will have to rethink their approaches and try novel paths.


The Learning Tools & Principles track provides an insight into the multitude of new tools and frameworks required to implement ML. These include TensorFlow, cognitive cloud services, and APIs for Java, C#, and Java Script. Deploying these not only simplifies ML, but often makes it feasible for use by enterprises.


The Machine Learning Advanced Development track explores the software architecture of ML systems. Experts from enterprises and universities will present their solutions and best practices. As with data-centered software architecture, here too developers need to consider primarily the unique characteristics and challenges involving ML systems.


b.telligent Experts at the ML Conference 2018  

Our b.telligent data science consultants, Dr. Sebastian Petry, Dr. Barbara Hofmann, and Dr. Timo Böhm will be there and happy to exchange ideas with you on possibilities for ML. Interested in this event and keen to stay up-to-date on ML? Then sign-up here.


Set up an appointment with our colleagues now for a discourse at the conference on trends like ML, predictive analytics, etc.!


Highlights of the Machine Learning Conference

  • Over 30 international speakers and experts for the core segment of the conference
  • Over 35 power workshops and sessions
  • ML in practice: build your own systems and enhance current ones with ML features.


We hope to see you there!

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