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6th Annual Meeting: Integrated Financial Architecture in Banks


From 27  to 29 March 2016, the 5th annual meeting featuring the topic "Integrated Financial Architecture in Banks" takes place at the Hilton Hotel in Mainz. This event, as the title already suggests, focuses on integrated financial architectures which are primarily examined from an IT and business perspective. This topic gives the annual meeting a unique character and attracts many decision makers from all over Germany every year. In addition, numerous and well-known businesses, such as Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank and Fraunhofer Institute are represented at the three-day event. The unique lecture program which connects both theory and practice, invites all participants to follow the current topics from the world of finance live and discuss them with industry colleagues. Inform yourself in detail about all IT topics and trends which move and push today's financial industry! Click here for a detailed agenda.


Meet the guidelines & operate successfully-D-QUANTUM manages both

Almost no other industry is as strictly regulated as the banking and financial industry. Since the publication of Directive BCBS 239 in January 2015, all financial institutions are obliged to comply with or optimize the new rules regarding the effective aggregation of risk data and risk reporting. With the product D-QUANTUM, b.telligent developed a software solution by which businesses are able to optimize their metadata management. In addition, D-QUANTUM provides valuable functions, such as e.g. data governance and data lineage, which are indispensable especially within the scope of BCBS239 projects. The special feature of the software solution developed by b.telligent is that it is manufacturer-independent and can thus be fully implemented into the customer's existing environment. D-QUANTUM offers all its customers an individual modelling of key figures, complete documentation of the relevant data and processes, clear visualization of correlations and transparent reporting for everyone from a single source. Take a look at the D-QUANTUM website and learn more about the BCBS 239 compliant software solution!


Meet the D-QUANTUM Experts in Person

You have become curious and want to meet D-QUANTUM in person? Schedule an appointment for one of the three event days here and meet D-QUANTUM's experts at the 6th annual meeting for integrated financial architecture in banks.

On this occasion, we would be happy to introduce to you our software solution METADATAWIKI in addition to the product D-QUANTUM.

Get in touch with us today! We appreciate your interest! 

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