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“Data for Breakfast” - a central platform for DWH, self service, big data, data science and KMS


Nowadays, keeping up to date with the demands presented by the new digital economy is a challenge faced by many businesses. As such, we would like to introduce you to a central platform for DWH, self service, big data, data science and KMS during another event from our popular series called "Data for Breakfast". So we would like to invite you to return to our Munich venue on the 1st June 2017. Our experts can teach you about SAP HANA, the in-memory computing platform, whilst you enjoy a light breakfast free of charge. During our workshop, we'll introduce you to current trends, as well as the possibilities SAP HANA can offer. Use this opportunity to discuss any potential application scenarios in the areas of enterprise data warehouse, self service, big data, data science and campaign management on a unified platform.


Flexible, performant data analysis with SAP BW on HANA

Every business accumulates data in "self service", or transfers it to other systems. By using SAP HANA; you can eliminate the cause for data silos in Access, Excel and other programmes. This means that you have the possibility to generate your own analyses for Power-user, perform data science processes directly on the data, or link campaign systems directly via SQL. Not only does SAP HANA accelerate your business processes, but it also opens up access to more advanced business know-how and simplifies your IT environment.


Five reasons why you should take part:

  • Learn the technical basics of HANA and SAP BW on HANA.
  • Discover how a unified platform for data analysis, including the integration of big data, can help your business.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss solutions with us using state-of-the-art reference architecture.
  • Watch a live demo of a mixed scenario with SAP BW/4 HANA.
  • Have fun with data!


Who is this breakfast aimed at?

Are you interested in data warehouse solutions and want to know more about the latest options and trends? Then join us at our office in Munich on the 1st June 2017. The event begins at 9am and finishes at around 12pm. You'll have the opportunity to gain both interesting insights into technical basics and experience of a DWH solution. Put a stop to data silos and look forward toan exciting and informative event in Munich instead. Reserve your place now- The number of participants is limited - first come, first served.

Register here.

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