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Data Revolution Tour 2019 in Frankfurt

Come and meet us on the Data Revolution Tour in Frankfurt am Main on October 29th and experience an event tailored for the leaders the data revolution!

Become a data revolution winner!

Every day, the world is becoming increasingly dependent on data. Whether you're paying at the supermarket checkout, traveling to work in an autonomous car, or at home on the sofa enjoying streaming services – data is with you every moment of the day.   Fast availability and simple analyses are therefore essential.

On the Data Revolution Tour you'll meet people who optimize and expedite data at every stage of its journey – from data preparation to informed decision-making. These experts have one principle aim: to create a data-driven organization in which all employees, regardless of their level of knowledge, are able to uncover the insights that contribute to business success. The pioneers in this field achieve this by leveraging the latest data integration technology and innovative analyses.

When you register for this event, you can look forward to hearing from:

  • Influential IT thinkers and industry insiders
  • Data and analysis experts from Qlik
  • Businesses from a wide variety of industries
  • Qlik's partner network with its extensive expertise and experience
  • thanks to a variety of lectures and exciting partner showcases


The latest agenda for this event is available here.

b.telligent at the Data Revolution Tour in Frankfurt

Our colleague Olaf Bowe, competence center manager for visual data discovery, will represent b.telligent at the event. Please feel free to arrange a meeting with us at the event. We look forward to talking to you personally.


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