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b.telligent at the BARC 2017 in Würzburg


Business intelligence and data management are concepts which have been made indispensable by the digitization of enterprises. The BARC Congress on 14th and 15th November 2017 in Würzburg is also devoted to these topics.

Market growth in Germany shows that BI and data management will play an increasing role in the coming years: Until 2020 the market will experience a statistical average growth of 9.9% every year. In terms of business goals, this will continuously improve strategic and operative decisions, lower costs, minimize risks and achieve a more efficient value chain in future. In addition, appropriate software can be used to analyze data about one's own company, competitors and market developments, in order to intervene quickly in business operations or optimize them.

The "BARC Congress" here offers an opportunity for workshop-based interaction and networking with other participants. The different discussion boards furthermore provide impulses for new topics of conversation and an opportunity to gain different perspectives of projects.


Highlights at the "BARC Congress"

  • Captivating keynotes by BARC experts
  • An informative and exciting program with interesting reports from practice, discussion boards and analysts' presentations
  • Stimulating dialogues forming part not just of presentations, but also workshops and world cafés for inactive exchanges
  • Conferral of a BARC start-up award for young and innovative manufacturers
  • Accompanying seminars for in-depth treatments of various topics such as "BI strategies and organization"


Agenda highlights

This year's program contains exciting topics! For example, the keynote on 14th November by Dr. Carsten Bange, managing director of BARC, on the topics of artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence. Other highlights in the program are presentations focusing on the topics of best practice & start-up award, BI software in comparison, trends, sharpening your BI strategy and workshops. Details on the agenda are available here.


Who should attend the "BARC Congress"?

The "BARC Congress" is the right venue for anyone interested in business intelligence, business analytics or data management, because the topics preferred by each individual, whether a technician or a data scientist, can be chosen from the lectures, workshops, and discussion boards.


b.telligent at the "BARC Congress"

This year, b.telligent is also ensuring its participation in the "BARC Congress" and will be represented by Klaus Blaschek, managing director at b.telligent. As a sub-exhibitor of its partner WhereScape, b.telligent will advise you on all current trends and innovations related to the topics of business intelligence, data management and business analytics.

Do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a personal appointment on location!


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