Next Best Activity

Intelligent Customer Management

In customer management and direct marketing, next best activity (NBA) systems implement a transition to  a customer-centred perspective according to which the best action is chosen among all actions possible for the customer – at the same time taking into account individual customer interests, business or product strategies and the communications policy of the business. In case of a successful transition to an NBA perspective, the campaign portfolio and the customer management are in a permanently optimized state.  

Next Best Activity: Focus on Customer

The customer preferably and most frequently shops where his/her preferences are known and where products which he or she would like to have are offered. The challenge in today’s anonymous mass market is to identify the customers’ needs and preferences. This is the only way to directly contact customers and offer them the products optimal for them. Using Next Best Activity makes it possible to contact customer in a targeted and therefore successful manner.

In order to determine the optimal offer for the individual customer, the knowledge about the customer which is available to the business in form of historic customer data is combined with the business’s currently available offers. In this process, the perspective moves away from the campaign to the customer.   

Score Values for the Determination of Product, Channel and Campaign

In order to determine product suggestions for the customer, a score value reflecting the customer’s preferences regarding product, channel and campaign is determined for each customer. Factors such as customer value, the customer’s behavioural data and the risk of termination are included in the value. The results are recorded in a ranking which is used to choose the optimal product and channel and the best campaign for the respective customer.

Better use of Up- & Cross-Selling-Potentials in Call and Service Centers with Next Best Activity

If a customer calls in order to obtain information about new products, offers or tariffs or has a question regarding an invoice, next best activity systems identify the three offers for which the customer has the greatest affinity. In this moment, the probability of completion is increasing significantly: The already known customer information is used effectively in order to solve a current problem and to give the customer optimal advice. In this moment, the scare resource “customer contact” is used in an optimal manner.

By using next best activity, call- and service centre employees are not only able to increase the up- & cross-selling potential; the customer satisfaction and loyalty is increasing simultaneously as the customer feels that he is well cared for and given optimal advice.  In addition, the automated marketing and the increased penetration with advertising offers make it possible to contact customers in a faster and more efficient way.

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