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The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is currently one of the three largest public cloud providers on the market. It offers more than 90 different cloud services including (serverless) computing, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). What makes it so special is that the Google Cloud Platform runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its own applications, which means that it is highly scalable, reliable and offers maximum security and performance.

Our partnership

As a Google Cloud Platform partner with a wide range of experience in data analytics and services such as BigQuery, we work with GCP to build cloud-native solutions that help our customers increase their cloud maturity. Our aim is to use the Google Cloud Platform to allow our customers to realize the full potential of the technology and thus drive the digital transformation throughout their organization. The experienced team of certified GCP experts at b.telligent helps customers to make the transition from on-premise to the cloud – from planning and implementation, to cost optimization, to long-term growth and optimization of their cloud operational excellence.



„Our partnership with Google Cloud has opened up new possibilities for what is possible. Our customers' satisfaction with the platform clearly demonstrates the power of Google Cloud in data analytics."


Christian Schroer
Principal Consultant Big Data und CloudOps



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The strengths of the Google Cloud Platform are clearly evident in the fields of data analytics, AI, machine learning, Kubernetes and multi-cloud or hybrid architectures. Thanks to our partnership, b.telligent has been able to focus on the modernization of existing BI landscapes in recent years. Here, we make use of serverless data lakes and data warehouse services as well as near-real-time analytics and an ecosystem of associated microservices.

The combination of the Google Marketing platform and the Google Cloud platform, which is particularly capable when it comes to data analytics, has proven itself in the past. It has enabled b.telligent to gain an in-depth understanding of its customers' marketing processes and to take their e-commerce activities to a new level.

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