"We support and automate Open-Source Streaming and Big Data Infrastructure"

Stackable develops open-source software that takes the complexity out of building and operating scalable data and streaming infrastructures for modern data warehouses, event streaming, machine learning (ML) and open-source artificial intelligence products. The robust infrastructure-as-code approach for automated provisioning, configuration, monitoring, management, updating and maintenance of well-known, data-driven open-source software products enables easy integration into existing corporate data centers as well as into the cloud. The company specializes in the provision of preconfigured distributions for big data, stream processing, business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Stackable's technology offers b.telligent an exciting answer to the growing need of many customers for a highly integrated data platform in their own data centers or in the cloud that doesn't sacrifice flexibility or autonomy. The infrastructure-as-code principle offers an exciting alternative for both cloud providers and end customers.


“The team assembled by Lars Francke and Sönke Liebau combines extensive experience and serious expertise in the big data environment with forward-thinking ideas such as open source and IaC. We are pleased to have been associated with the company from the very beginning.“


Sebastian Amtage

founder and CEO of b.telligent



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Stackable allows flexible and modular data and streaming platforms to be built and operated using currently available open-source software (such as Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache NiFi, etc.) – from a data lake or modern data warehouse to streaming data analytics through to machine learning and artificial intelligence. The robust "everything-as-code" approach enables easy integration into existing IT landscapes. The company boasts a workforce with many years of broad-based experience and has adopted an architectural approach that combines up-to-the-minute IT security technology with the smartest ideas from big data and Kubernetes. Stackable places its trust in open source – rather than in vendor or cloud lock-in – and in European standards of data protection and data sovereignty.

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