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The enterprise analytics platform from Pyramid Analytics enables businesses to address different user needs with a single platform. From the examination and analytical interpretation of different data assets to the visual mapping of gained insights into company-wide communication and collaboration. The platform supports all of this by means of workflows with the addition of "augmented analytics" to quickly and easily obtain and present insights from the data. The universal client functionality enables an user experience that is not dependent on location or hardware. Analyses can therefore be provided anywhere and at any time.

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Our partnership with Pyramid Analytics gives our clients access to enterprise reporting functionalities with an intuitive, workflow-based implementation. Intuitive user navigation together with flexible, certified connection to SAP data gives the user a comprehensive tool for successful enterprise analytics that can also be extended by adding their own scripts. Our collaboration with Pyramid Analytics is further enhanced by b.telligent's extensive and long-standing expertise in the BI market. Together, we help b.telligent customers set up effective data models and reports and develop comprehensive reporting strategies.


"With the partnership of Pyramid Analytics and b.telligent, users get a server-based, scalable and intuitive enterprise reporting solution with a flexible, configurable authorization system. We also support the optimal use of the platform via an integrated data & analytics strategy as well as with the implementation of data models, dashboards and reports based on best practices derived from our many years of experience in the BI sector."

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Center Manager Enterprise Reporting


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Data scientists, data analysts and report designers often rely on standalone software tools to define their use cases. Pyramid Analytics creates a platform for all users. This allows users to apply machine learning techniques to their data and to share the same platform as other analysts in their organization. This is supported by the platform's preconfigured options with augmented analytics functions. Working in a shared analytical environment creates more opportunities for collaboration and decision-making that benefits the company. In addition, visual data flows can be created and data can be written back to certain databases (self-service ETL). Thanks to the different deployment methods (on-premise, cloud, hybrid), the solution also remains flexible for future migration scenarios. Every type of cloud implementation is supported (public, private and hybrid).

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