With Longview Analytics, the needs of all areas of your company for business intelligence, planning, reporting and analytics can be implemented consistently, with pinpoint accuracy and from a single source - highly flexible, accurate, with virtually no limitations, and with significantly less effort than comparable tools.

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Impossible. Can't be done. Longview's strengths really come to the fore when users without in-depth IT knowledge need a user-friendly solution that will handle complex requirements with a large number of exceptions. Not only that, but implementation is also relatively painless. With up to 20 years of project experience, b.telligent's team of Longview experts maintain long-standing relationships with their customers and have already implemented a wide variety of solutions for all markets and industries.


"Impossible. Can't be done. Longview's strengths really come to the fore when users without in-depth IT knowledge need a user-friendly solution that will handle complex requirement."


Stefan Kersten
Competence Center Manager Business Data Solutions



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Longview Analytics Developer is a modular system that even people without much IT or programming knowledge can use to create reports very quickly. As long as you're reasonably comfortable with figures and data and can work with formulas (like in Excel, for example), you're ready to create reports. With just a few mouse clicks, you can use the Administrator tool to publish your finished reports on the Longview server for users to access.


With our support, Longview Analytics 21.1 successfully completed the IBCS® software re-certification examination process in April 2021. The certification provides verification of the ability to create business diagrams and charts that comply with the visual presentation standards recommended by the IBCS Association.


Longview Analytics lets you merge information from different data sources with a variety of company content. A single tool takes care of all your analysis, dashboard, reporting and planning requirements.

Longview offers a platform for many applications and requirements, with standardized interfaces to almost every popular data source. Its particular strengths are short development times, a wide variety of interfaces and high scalability - think big, start small, decide smart.

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