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Commanders Act's CDP and CMP platform helps marketers to use their proprietary data (on- and off-site, CRM, BI, offline etc.) in compliance with the DGPR across channels, customer-centric and in real-time for the CLV and UX-based optimization of all customer touchpoints.

Our partnership

In partnership with Commanders Act, b.telligent supports customers in the analysis, planning, design and implementation of CDP, business intelligence, DGPR, web and app tracking, and marketing automation. Our close relationship with Commanders Act and the cross-industry experience of our consultants allow us to exploit the full potential of a CDP on behalf of existing and new customers.


“From tag strategy to cross-device customer identification, Commanders Act, with its integrated solutions, is a partner you can rely on. Commanders Act includes a certified privacy solution that collects user consents in compliance with data protection regulations and passes them on to the tag manager. Through regular knowledge sharing and joint projects, this partnership enables us to offer our customers genuine added value – from technologies, to tag strategy, right up to data analysis and optimization.”


Laurentius Malter
Competence Center Leiter Customer Engagement & MarTech 



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The various components of Commanders Act's CDP (TagCommander, TrustCommander, DataCommander, MixCommander and FuseCommander) make it easy to manage your company's customer and prospect data and to collect and activate it across channels.  Commanders Act's comprehensive, efficient and resource-saving concept  enables customers to accelerate their digital transformation. The optimized data management not only enhances the agility of the marketing team and the speed of campaign execution, it also improves the user experience and maximizes ROI based on multi-channel customer value across channels.

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Case Studies

Commanders Act and b.telligent are working together to modernize the app and web tracking infrastructure of a fashion retailer who operates primarily online.
The goal is to optimize tracking performance and standardize the customer journey. To do this, we are deploying TrustCommander, TagCommander (server- and client-side container), MixCommander, DataCommander and FuseCommander.

Because of the many marketing tags and partner programs, not uncommon in the industry, there is a need for a cross-channel tracking solution that can accurately map the customer journey to enable effective campaign control and maximize ROI.

Commanders Act interview about the joint partnership

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