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Synabi Business Solutions GmbH helps companies bring order to their data. The D-QUANTUM Data Catalog, supplemented by the flexibly adaptable D-QUANTUM Business Glossary, provides the technical platform for this. Further solutions for data quality management and data request management, for example, can be added and mapped in D-QUANTUM.

The intuitive interface, flexible configurability and powerful visualization options allow users to make information available throughout their company quickly and in a way that is easy to understand. Metadata processing helps companies implement their data governance program, design and execute their data strategy and comply with regulatory requirements such as GDPR, BCBS 239 or MaRisk.

Our partnership

Virtually every project step of a data governance initiative generates metadata, which is why we recommend the use of a data catalog. At b.telligent, we use D-QUANTUM from Synabi to acquire, analyze and manage all of our customers' metadata. This delivers a data catalog with a clearly structured graphical representation of all data-relevant interrelationships that can open up new perspectives on the data a company holds as well as its route through the company. The application's scalability is another benefit that makes the D-QUANTUM Confluence-based application one of our preferred solutions.


"Synabi combines the two worlds of technology and business in its D-QUANTUM data catalog solution. The team at Synabi understands our particular needs and is always available to discuss them at any time."


Stefan Steinhaus
Management Consultant Data Strategy & Governance




Products & services


D-QUANTUM offers a host of functions for reliably describing and classifying technical metadata and fully documenting the data items at a central location within the company.


Its preconfigured data models, for example, can be applied immediately for GDPR processing activities records or for small and medium-sized enterprises (D-QUANTUM Basic Edition).


D-QUANTUM can be connected to these data sources

D-QUANTUM Connect is a framework for connecting data sources to D-QUANTUM. It is lightweight, enables the connection of different source systems, is easy to configure and ensures a constantly updated data catalogue. An overview of the different data sources compatible with D-QUANTUM can be found here.

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