With the Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform, you can generate complete and accurate event data across all platforms and channels in a common format. Clean, well-structured data means less time spent preparing data and more time creating value.

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Snowplow is particularly relevant to B2C/B2B players with a mature digital business. The cloud-agnostic behavioral data platform supports b.telligent by taking our MarTech architecture – including live data and streaming – to the next level. At a time when 1st-party data, response time and adaptability are becoming increasingly critical, Snowplow offers an innovative tool that captures data from the front end (website, app, POS, etc.), networks it, refines it and so provides deep customer understanding.



"With Snowplow, you get next-level customer behavior and 1st-party data. As a partner myself, what excites me about Snowplow is its vision and single-minded determination to find solutions!"



Christian Endres
Management Consultant Customer Engagement & MarTech




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b.telligent implements Snowplow with cross-device tracking into the frontend and creates data pipelines through to the data mart. This allows us to generate and process rich, high-quality behavioral data on the customer's system. Together with Snowplow, b.telligent successfully identifies behavioral data management challenges for their joint customers. Companies inevitably face these challenges as soon as they try to implement advanced use cases. The result: behavioral data that adds value and delivers significant competitive benefits.

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