Protegrity, based in Salt Lake City and London, is one of the world's leading providers of data security solutions. Their products protect the world's most sensitive data – no matter what it is or where it is at any point in time. The Protegrity platform frees organizations from the limitations typically associated with accessing and accurately protecting sensitive data, and allows them to focus on creating better customer experiences, making smart decisions and driving innovation. Data knows no borders. Nor should data protection. Protegrity's technology has been specifically designed with the omnipresence of data very much in mind. Its ability to safeguard data anywhere helps businesses plan for success. 

Our partnership

Our partnership with Protegrity allows b.telligent to deal even more effectively with the needs of our customers – especially when it comes to complex and topical subjects like data security. While we have often had to build and implement solutions from scratch at the customer's premises in the past, the Protegrity solution can be configured "out of the box" (depending on the storage location) and can therefore be implemented much faster.  


“Protegrity comes into its own when dealing with complex cloud-based data platforms because it enables the consistent, end-to-end protection of personal data. It makes the implementation of ETL processes on these platforms much easier, more focused and more secure.”


John Held

Management Consultant Big Data and CloudOps 



Products & services


Protegrity is a universal data protection solution that can be combined with a wide range of technologies. It allows b.telligent customers to harness their sensitive data for purposes such as advanced analytics, machine learning and AI, and to generate business value without having to worry about the security of the information. Protegrity thus empowers clients to generate revenue, drive innovation, reduce costs, accelerate the development of better products and services, comply with regulations and, most importantly, protect their sensitive data at all times.  

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