HCL Unica, a marketing software from HCL Technologies, covers every process step of a data-driven sales strategy: from marketing resource management with the Unica Plan solution, to Unica Interact, which enables real-time personalization in milliseconds, to the distribution of content to a variety of channels with the Unica Optimize, Unica Journey and Unica Delivery software components. Audience selection, data handling, and segmentation are also possible thanks to Unica Campaign. Finally, Unica Link provides standard connectors to other software tools such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Twilio and Facebook.

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b.telligent provides a broad portfolio of marketing automation services based on the different HCL Unica modules and has gained extensive expertise with the Unica Plan, Unica Campaign and Unica Interact components in particular. In addition to project planning and implementation, b.telligent has vast experience in operating and developing the platform.


"AHCL Unica offers a complete marketing solution that is suitable for businesses of all sizes."


Julian Dütsch
Consultant Customer Engagement & MarTech



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HCL Unica is a marketing platform built by experts that creates a precisely targeted marketing campaign tailored to the client's needs. HCL Unica's algorithms manage campaigns automatically and help achieve goals in a timely manner. Because HCL Unica can also be hosted on-premise, the software solution is particularly interesting to companies wishing to retain their data inside their own environment.

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