With the introduction of Apteco Marketing Suite for NetCologne, Apteco has set new standards in the management of existent customers

With support from the management consultancy b.telligent, the Cologne telecommunications provider sought a software solution perfectly matched with a new, comprehensive approach toward management of existent customers.

The objective was an all-embracing orientation to management of existent customers. Instead of ad-hoc responses based on momentary observations, communication with regard to existent customers was to be managed purposefully and sustainably. Among other things, emphasis was placed on automatic checks of whether customers fit into selections, and whether all exclusion and contact rules are adhered to. Customer communications here were to be managed via the relevant channels - e-mail, letter or call centre - culminating in goal-oriented performance measurement.

Apteco prevailed among the three suppliers on the short list. The comprehensive approach is optimally supported by the marketing suite's three elements (FastStats, PeopleStage and Orbit), allowing easy integration of the own CRM on one hand, as well as various channels such as e-mail service providers on the other hand.

b.telligent not only supported NetCologne in choosing the appropriate solution, but also created the related data model and was responsible for training employees.

Automated management of existing customers ultimately lowers total expenditure while raising the quality of processes.

About Apteco

Apteco is an owner-managed software developer specializing in solutions for marketing data analysis and multi-channel campaign management. The Apteco Marketing Suite promotes the "insight to action" approach by allowing enterprises to convert previously isolated transaction data into communication which is personalized, as well as relevant in terms of content and time - via digital and conventional channels. Originally founded in 1987, Apteco continues to invest in the next generation of the Apteco Marketing suite.

Apteco is headquartered in Warwick, UK, with branches in Frankfurt, Rotterdam and Sydney.

About NetCologne

NetCologne is one of Germany's most successful regional telecommunications providers. For nearly 25 years, the company has offered the entire range of modern communications for private and business customers: Internet, telephone, IT and data services, cable and IP-TV as well as mobile communications.



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