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From now on Fitness First is using the Marketing Suite from Apteco


Frankfurt, 24.01.2017. Apteco GmbH, a provider of data analysis and campaign management software welcomes one of the leading fitness and health service providers in Germany as a new customer in a constantly growing community. Fitness First, represented with more than 80 clubs in Germany, is controlling automated and standardised campaigns to roughly 1 million contacts using the FastStats marketing software from now on. Fitness First entrusted the business intelligence specialist b.telligent with the implementation of FastStats.


One system, two goals

Together with the Apteco partner b.telligent, Fitness First consolidated the different data sources and set up a data warehouse (DWH) in the first step. It's about structuring all the data systems, overhauling the current processes and setting up a Business Intelligence (BI) department. The second step includes the campaign management system which will automate and standardise the marketing activities. Thanks to setting up the DWH, Fitness First now has access to more data that can be used efficiently, which is almost impossible to analyse and process without an external software solution. Activities that were previously carried out manually, such as campaign controlling or processing a blacklist, can now be mapped quickly and easily in the campaign solution.


Power campaigns made in FastStats

Fitness First is controlling various event-triggered campaigns using the FastStats marketing software. These include, for example, birthday mailings, the loyalty programme where members receive messages after completing a certain quota of training sessions or the ex-member mailing, a multi-staged campaign that is triggered by the time span between the termination date and "today". The email, SMS, direct mail and letter shop channels are currently connected by the optivo provider. Even more channels will follow in future. "For Fitness First it was the solution's flexibility when it comes to connecting the email tools you want, the speed and user-friendliness that was the deciding factor in selecting the FastStats marketing solution," says Laurentius Malter, Subproject Leader of the Fitness First project with b.telligent.


Analysis first at Fitness First

The approach by b.telligent during the project included a workshop in the first step to get to know the fitness giant's data and campaign landscape. During the course of an actual condition and target state analysis a suitable customer contact strategy was also identified together with Fitness First. The definition of the relevant fields in Datamart, i.e. which information and variables are required, was extremely important when implementing the marketing software. Another essential step was the connection of the email tool. The interface to optivo, one of more than 27 current standard interfaces from Apteco, had to be upgraded to that effect so that the lists of recipients can reach optivo through the current Fitness First infrastructure. "Working together with b.telligent allowed us to reach our goals faster in this project. We therefore found a professional and reliable partner in b.telligent who supported us from the start to finish. We are now in a position to use the newly setup systems efficiently," says Dr Sönke Iwersen, Head of BI at Fitness First.


About Apteco, Frankfurt

Apteco is a privately owned software development business specialising in marketing data analysis and automation solutions. The FastStats® software from Apteco provides marketers with additional knowledge from their data. Its portfolio includes marketing solutions for customer segmentation, data mining, forecast models, customer profiling, management for multichannel campaigns and reporting functions. Thanks to the international Apteco network of sales partners, there are now more than 500 FastStats® systems worldwide and over 3,700 users, including 500 campaign management users across 100 systems. Besides Fitness First, Apteco's customers include DER Touristik, RTL interactive, Travian Games, K & L Ruppert, Weltbild, gebrüder götz and as well as numerous other European, North American and Australian companies.


About b.telligent

b.telligent is a consulting company which specialises on the introduction and further development of business intelligence, customer relationship management, DWH and big data solutions at companies in mass markets.  In the customer intelligence environment the focus is on setting up and optimising CRM and marketing automation infrastructures, evaluating and implementing campaign management systems and taking over and improving operative campaign management processes.


About Fitness First

With more than 80 clubs and roughly 270,000 members Fitness First is one of the leading fitness and health service providers in Germany. Mainly geared towards the needs of the working population in major cities, Fitness First runs four categories of clubs: Lifestyle, Platinum, Women and Black Label. All these clubs offer a very high standard of training and service and are ideal for anyone who wants to successfully work out in a modern and pleasant atmosphere and relax in the wellness area. Members also benefit from numerous cooperation programmes with partner companies.