Fair highlights at the CCW 2016

Munich - 29.01.2016 - As experts in the field of business intelligence, CRM, DWH and big data, b.telligent's consultants will be represented at the CCW for the fourth time. In addition to "evergreens" such as campaign management, big data and call center analytics, they will bring new topics, such as mobile customer engagement and dynamic benchmarking, to the table and hold pertinent presentations at the fair forum.


Mobile Customer Engagement - the Presentation about the Study

Last September, b.telligent published a market overview regarding the topic mobile customer engagement, in which the complex supplier market for mobile app solutions is broken down and examined in detail. The overview serves every business for evaluation purposes. Does an app solution provide the required criteria such as clicks within the app, increase in sales or increase in customer loyalty, or is a totally different approach required? By means of mobile customer engagement data, behavior patterns of the app users can be derived, an increase in sales can be achieved and a more direct customer communication can be developed. Businesses wanting to develop and refine their holistic CRM strategy are given a guideline in b.telligent's market overview which helps them to find the suitable solution.


Dynamic Benchmarking - Quality Control for Call Centers

Dynamic benchmarking describes quality measures such as customer surveys, mystery calls, side by side coaching or quality monitoring which should be applied in call centers in exactly the right dose and order. In case the customer survey results are satisfying regarding internal and external objectives, there is little need for action. In case certain KPIs are exceeded or not met, however, (semi-) automatic measures may be triggered. These include e.g. the increase of phone call recordings and their evaluation in order to launch targeted mystery processes which enable further analyses. 

The area of big data, i.e. the collection of huge volumes of data, is becoming an increasingly important influence factor in both businesses and everyday life. Whether via customer profiles, business websites or mobile apps: today, data is generated every second and has an increasing influence on everyday life. b.telligent's experts provide solution proposals regarding the storage, management and analysis of data volumes in order to positively influence competitiveness.

Visit b.telligent at the CCW 2016 in Berlin at booth C6, hall 2 from 22 to 25 February 2016. Schedule an appointment with us today.  


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