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US Customer Data Platform authority David M. Raab to Host First CDP Workshop in Munich in cooperation with b.telligent

Munich, Germany, December 6th –Today’s marketers have more data available than ever but struggle to pull it together in a usable format. In the future especially, the architecture of Marketing Automation Landscapes will have to develop further to respond to new rising challenges. Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology offers the promise to solve this problem by offering easy-to-deploy systems resulting in data unification and sharing.  But marketers, technologists and executives rightly wonder: can CDP really deliver on this promise?

On January, 29th, the Customer Data Platform Institute (CDPI) and b.telligent will host a marketing workshop intensive, “Making the Most of Customer Data Platforms,” to answer that question and provide a deep dive into this rapidly evolving market sector, which is projected to exceed €200 million revenue in Europe by the start of the new year.

The workshop will be held at the Rilano Hotel in Munich from 12:30 pm to 06:00 pm and will be led by David M. Raab, founder of the international Customer Data Platform Institute.

When it comes to the design of Customer Data Platforms, Sebastian Amtage, Founder and CEO of b.telligent is clear that the CDP Institute is an industry leader. “It’s obvious that the architecture of marketing automation environments will have to develop further in order to meet the coming challenges. Together with the CDP Institute, b.telligent is looking forward to drawing on its considerable expertise during the process of change.”

The workshop in Munich is part of a series of programs that are being hosted in Europe and UK during 2019 by the CDP Institute and its partners. The workshop in cooperation with b.telligent is aimed at senior professionals in marketing, ecommerce, CRM and CX positions and will cover:

  •  how CDP fits into the larger marketing data architecture, key benefits provided by CDPs, and an overview of the CDP industry and trends.
  •  how CDP relates to business and marketing strategy, developing CDP use cases, and uncovering requirements for CDP success.
  •  selecting the right CDP, including requirements definition, key differentiators, specific features to look for, and running an effective selection process.
  •  CDP deployment planning, including readiness checklists, overcoming organizational roadblocks, project planning, and finding the right deployment sequence.

Key takeaways include:

  •  a checklist of marketing technology functions needed to benefit from CDP
  •  mapping CDP use cases to CDP system requirements
  •  27 key CDP features and how to know which you need
  •  toolkit of vendor selection techniques


Attendees who complete the CDPI workshop in Munich will receive a certificate of completion from the Customer Data Platform Institute. The workshop will be in English, but German speaking consultants of b.telligent are available to assist where necessary. To register and to learn more about customer data platform technology and related news, visit b.telligent’s Website.


David Raab is founder and CEO of the CDP Institute. He coined the term Customer Data Platform in 2013 and since then has been a leader in exploring and explaining how marketers can use CDPs to solve today’s most important marketing challenges.

Customer Data Platform Institute Europe

The Customer Data Platform Institute Europe educates marketers and technologists about customer data management. Activities include publications about CDP best practices, vendors, and industry news; conference presentations, workshops, and consulting.  The Institute supports European CDP users directly and through a network of partners who are CDP experts.

About b.telligent

B.telligent is a is a partner of the Customer Data Platform Institute in Germany and a consultancy company specializing in the introduction and development of business intelligence, customer relationship management, DWH and big data solutions for businesses operating in mass markets.

Its particular focus is on the continuous optimization of business processes and customer and supplier relationships using the insights gained from the consolidation and analysis of business data across systems. The result is higher margins, lower costs and better control of risks.

b.telligent’s customers are industry leaders from the fields of telecommunications, financial services, commerce and industry. In April 2018, b.telligent was voted one of Germany's best consultants in the "Data Analytics & Big Data" category.